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Aquatic Control
2021 Product Catalog

Aquatic Control provides its customers with high-quality products and services to manage lakes, ponds and other water resources. Their team came to me wanting to completely revamp the direction of their more traditional product catalog they mail out their clients.

Utilizing Aquatic Control's existing brand guidelines, we developed a modern catalog that was sure to make a splash and capture the attention of all who's mailbox it landed in.

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Prange Farms
Visual Identity

Emma and Ryan Nelson of Prange Farms approached me wanting to establish a visual identity for their farm. Leveraging their restored Oliver 77 tractor, the finished product perfectly celebrates their 5th generation corn and soy bean farm. 

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Creekbend Herefords
Visual Identity

Emma and Ryan Nelson of Creekbend Herefords approached me wanting to establish a visual identity for their cattle operation. The final product leveraged the creek that runs right through their farm.

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Jackson Group
Redefined Branding

As Jackson Group's marketing point, I was tasked with utilizing the existing logo and developing their brand standard further than had already existed. This resulted in highlighting each of Jackson's unique capabilities by leveraging the colorful spectrum available in the logomark. 

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Visual Identity & Website Design

The owners of REGENR8 were looking for a branding and website package to help them launch their composting service quickly and efficiently. Their primary logo mark was inspired on their mission to help their community members transform their solid waste into nutrient rich soil.

Once their branding was finalized, we worked with them to quickly and efficiently craft a professional website to capture memberships and start building their email list. 

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Ivy Tech 
2020 Financial Report

A fresh and distinctive presentation of Ivy Tech Community College's financial reportings for key stakeholders. See full report here.

Previous year's also designed:

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Employee Apparel

At the height of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Sonoco was looking for a fun tee design to dress up their essential employees.

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Priint eBook

Lead magnet created for Priint highlighting their Priint:Suite solution.

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Sound Soul Studio
Visual Identity

Sound Soul Studio is an online yoga studio that was looking for a fresh look that would encapsulate not only the dynamic movement that is at the core of all that they do, but also would capture the many different techniques they use to help their students balance their mind, body and spirit. 

The resulting logomark features a spiral circle broken that leverages the seven colors of the chakra system. 

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Applied Vision Works
Website Redesign

Applied Vision Works approached me looking for ideas on how to not just freshen up their outdated website, but how to convert site visitors into warm leads as well.

Not only did we implement fresh imagery, icons, and mobile responsiveness throughout the site, we leveraged lead capture tools throughout the site to assist in converting visitors into loyal business strategy and leadership development clients.


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Greenwood Christian Academy
Strategic Plan

Greenwood Christian Academy approached me in a time crunch looking to get their strategic plan laid out and printed in time for their upcoming gala. Leveraging our Chop Shop Design Services, we were able to knock the design out within two days and have it off to the printer in time for their gala. 

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