Greenwood Christian Academy

Strategic Plan Design

Greenwood Christian Academy approached us in a major time crunch. They had an upcoming gala where key stakeholders would be present and they wanted to take the opportunity to wow them with their strategic plan. 

Leveraging our Chop Shop Design Services and their amazing photo assets and speedy feedback, we were able to layout the booklet within two days and get it off to their printer and in their hands for its debut at their gala. 

At Creative Squirrel Studio, we thrive on utilizing our knack of hyper-focusing to help clients chop down their creative workloads quickly and efficiently - especially for important presentations with key stakeholders.

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"We are in absolute awe of what Christine created for us in such a short amount of time! Creative Squirrel Studio has been so great to work with, and really took our vision and turned it into an amazing product. "

Julie Kirby
Marketing Director 
Greenwood Christian Acadmey

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