2022 Indiana KIDS COUNT® Data Book

Indiana Youth Institute (IYI) is a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of all Indiana children by providing access to reliable data and resources to empower, educate, and equip those who impact youth.

Their annual Data Book compiles the best and most recent information on child wellbeing -  enabling leaders, policymakers, youth workers, and advocates to access and leverage critical data to create positive change for Indiana's youth.

The IYI team came to us looking for help creating a more interactive experience for their 2022 Indiana KIDS COUNT® Data Book and companion pieces, while continuing to bring attention to actionable ways readers could leverage the gathered data across four domains: Family & Community, Health, Economic Well-Being, and Education.

Working with IYI's existing brand and amazing photo assets, we were able to present key data points in an easy to understand format, while also incorporating digital touchpoints throughout the book for readers to learn more and jump throughout the sections for additional relevant findings.

As a former foster parent myself, I take great pride in working with IYI to develop their 2022 Indiana KIDS COUNT® Data Book. Their work is so appreciated!

View the whole data book and its companion pieces here.

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Ashley Haynes
Vice President of Data & Communications
Indiana Youth Institute

"We came to Creative Squirrel Studio with a technical and data heavy project. The team delivered above and beyond! From creating strong data visuals to keeping track of detailed changes, Creative Squirrel Studio was a true partner!"

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