Prange Farms & Creekbend Herefords


Emma and Ryan Nelson approached us with a unique ask - they had two distinct brands that needed individual identities created. From the get go it was clear - both of these marks needed to honor the heritage of their fifth generation corn and soybean farm.

Leveraging their restored Oliver 77 tractor, we crafted a unique "PF" mark that perfectly celebrates the history of their family farm and pays homage to the generations that came before them. 

For their newest operation - Creekbend Herefords, we leveraged the small strip of Doe Creek that runs right through the farm to create a simple yet effective identity for their cattle operation.

Having grown up with Emma and played on her farm as a youngster, it was an absolute honor to craft these two unique identities and find ways to weave the heritage of their farm into both marks. 

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Emma & Ryan Nelson
Prange Farms & Creekbend Herefords

"Christine knocked it out of the park with our two unique brands! We love how each of them shares a story and has meaning behind every detail. She took all of our feedback seriously, even for the most minor tweaks, to get the design exactly where we wanted it!"

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