Top 5 Reasons to Use Print Marketing

It’s no secret that here at Creative Squirrel Studio – we are a bit nuts about print. Here are our top five reasons why YOU should be using print to reach your marketing and communications goals.

5. Print Appeals to the Senses

Nothing beats bringing the feel of a brand to life. By changing the paper stock or using a special coating, you can breathe life into your brand and start to connect with individual’s on a totally different level.


In the oh, so incredible Sappi Standard Number 5, there are an array of special effects that leave any onlooker “ooo”ing and “ahh”ing. With soft touch, they transformed the fibers of the paper into a sweet embossed leather coat. Oh, and with some super sticky rubber UV? Well, with that they made your skin crawl by bringing a 2D insect to life.

The badassery of print doesn’t just stop there though…you can even bring your brand’s smell to life! You can win your way into the hearts of buyers with scented direct mail (like Concord Litho did with its customers). Or how about this example from a New York gubernatorial race. A Republican candidate mailed a brochure to 550,000 homes with the headline “Something stinks in Albany.” The kicker? The brochure was printed with ink that smelled like garbage! How’s that for conveying your message?

4. No Power Required


You know, we are all plugged in a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. The beauty of print is there are no wires or batteries needed to enjoy. I mean, maybe you’ll need to plug-in a light if you’re trying to read something in the dark, but the beauty of print is it’s just paper!

According to the Scholastic Reading Report, 65% of children say that they’ll always want to read books in print even through there are ebooks available. That’s up 5% from two years prior!

3. Your Brain Thinks Print is More Real

My good buddy, John Prothero of the Prothero Press shared this article a couple of weeks ago discussing the neuroscience of direct mail.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 7.21.42 PM

The UK’s Royal Mail conducted a study that exposed digital and printed collateral to a small audience and looked at how the brain reacted when coming in contact with the printed piece. Their study showed that the printed piece seemed “more real” than the digital messaging. It’s a fascinating, quick read that I highly recommend checking out.

2. Print Plays Well With Others

Hey, the printers get it. The world has a lot of really cool technologies. Print can be the vehicle to help you engage with your audience at the time that is right for them, and allows them to engage with your brand in the medium that’s most relevant to them.

Augmented reality is an excellent way to capture a reader’s attention and let them explore more of your brand with the simple scan of a page. You know, IKEA does this really well. How can you add value to your consumers by utilizing these two power house marketing tools together?

Or maybe you reverse it…maybe you use digital tools to trigger printed follow-ups. “Oh, you recently made a purchase at our store?” Send ’em a direct mail piece with a personalized coupons to get them back in the store.

1. Junk Mail – Where Do You Get the Most?


Well, I don’t know about you, but my digital mailbox is WAY more cluttered than my snail mailbox is, and I loathe that little red bubble notification. Seriously, I will delete an email faster than I can read your subject line.

My husband? He doesn’t even look at his personal email anymore. He’s too busy, and simply doesn’t care to go in and unsubscribe to every little promotional email he receives.

Our mailbox is just the opposite. Perhaps, we’re fortunate, but I’d take more mail over email any day. What about you?